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Coupon tickets

Coupon tickets are now available!

Hello everyone!

With the start of the new school year, I assume that you are now busy with school and work.


Here is a great news for all of you!

The coupon tickets, which had been available for a limited time as a campaign, are now back as a permanent plan!


In addition to the personal training coupons, we also offer body maintenance coupons.

<Personal Coupon Tickets>




(1) If you wish to make a + (extended time) appointment, you will be charged ¥2,200 (¥3,300 for Platinum) for the use of the coupon tickets. You can pay for each use or pay for 4 extra sessions (¥8,800 or ¥13,200) at once.

The period of validity is 2 months from the date of purchase.


<Body Maintenance Coupon Tickets>


グラフィカル ユーザー インターフェイス



Body maintenance is 30 minutes per session. 60 minutes or 90 minutes is available by using 2 coupon tickets (60 minutes) or 3 coupon tickets (90 minutes). 45 minutes is not available.

Also, if you wish to use acupuncture, please let us know when you make an appointment.

The period of validity is up to 2 months from the date of purchase.